Sunday, May 10, 2009


Lightning Rune Spell
Void Rune Spell
Our Custom Ethys
Avalon Square
Fire Runespell
One of our Custom Champ Spawns
Essex Square!

Akara Essex!!

Ultima Online shard Akara Essex, has the greatest leveling system in which you can level up your character and all your items such as: weapons, armor, jewelry, and even clothes!

Your character can level up to 2000, and each Piece of equipment can level up to 200 and with each level you obtain specialization points to make all of them your own!

We have the best players, and the most friendly and efficient staff members.

And to top it all off we have many different custom made champ spawns (along with some original ones) with quests to obtain each of the nine infamous Akara Runes, each of which contain five most powerful spells!

More about Akara Essex here!!!

Rules of Akara Essex

Some Basic Rules/Guidelines of the Shard.

First and Foremost Please Treat Others as You would like to be treated.

When dealing with staff, please bear in mind these are volunteers who are not paid for their time working for YOU and helping you with your problems. Also remember this is a totally Free shard. Aside from Donations, we do not charge one penny to play here at all, so please be understanding when bugs arise or problems occur.

Help the Newbies. Not really a rule just a guideline. Akara is a fun place built by the players and for the players. We thrive by older vets helping the new guys. It not only gives us a more tight knit/friendly environment, it encourages players that otherwise might find starting out much too daunting a task to take on alone.

Avoid public Displays of Profanity or Rude Mean Behavior. We have lost players due to some people blasting others over public chat. If you have a beef with someone please take it out of public chat and out of town somewhere private, or better yet, use the [pm and private message that person so everyone does not have to hear your business.

Have FUN and Let's Keep this server going for many more years to come!

Our great features!!

We have great Features!!!!


  • Best Unique Leveling System
  • Custom Map
  • Races
  • Evo Dragons
  • Unique Golems
  • Custom Ores/Woods/Leathers
  • Runic Hammers/Fletcher Tools/Tinker Tools/sewing kits
  • Sphynx/Air Elemental/Cow/Skeletal Dragon Mounts
  • Levelable Armor/Jewelry/Weapons
  • Cropfields and Farmable Spawns
  • OSI and Custom Quests
  • Runespells
  • Blowdart Guns
  • Friendly, Educated, and Mature Staff